Dubia vs. Crickets

So you're tired of making weekly trips to the pet store to buy dirty, smelly, noisy crickets for your pet and you've heard that roaches can be a good alternative? But what makes roaches so great anyways? While common sense would tell you that having roaches in your house would mean that it's time to call an exterminator, with Dubia roaches, it's quite the opposite. Switching from crickets to Dubia roaches will actually make it easier on you and means a healthier reptile! Here are a few reasons to make the switch:

  • Cleanliness:

Dubia roaches don't smell and are an extremely clean species of insect. Instead of having to clean the cricket cage on a regular basis to keep it from smelling, you'll only need to clean the roach cage every few months.

  • Noise:

Dubia roaches don't make any noise!

  • Movement:

Roaches don't jump or hop like crickets! They're also slightly slower than crickets, allowing your pet to still get exercise from chasing them while making feeding easier for you. 

  • Lifespan:

Unlike crickets that die a week or two after purchasing them, Dubia roaches can live for up to two years with the proper care (heat and food). Once reaching adulthood (4-5 months) the average die off rate is only 5-10% per month! Compare that to crickets at 100% die off rate within a couple of weeks.

  • No Climbing Ability:

Dubia roaches lack of climbing ability makes them extremely easy to keep caged. They aren't able to climb any kind of smooth surface like most smooth Sterilite or Rubbermaid tubs, so housing them is easy and depending on the height of the egg crates in the tub, keeping a lid on typically isn't necessary. On the rare occasion that a roach does get out, without food, water, and heat they will die within a short period of time, meaning no worrying about them infesting your house!

  • Easy to Breed

Unlike crickets and other species of insects that can be difficult to breed, Dubia roaches are predictable and extremely easy to breed! By simply providing them with food, water, places to hide, and heat (85+ degrees) they will produce on a regular basis.

  • Health

Dubia roaches don't carry any type of worms or parasites like crickets can (which can make your pet sick). Roaches also have much less of an indigestible exoskeleton like crickets do, making them easier for your pet to digest. And on top of that, they also have a much higher protein content resulting in having to feed less insects to get the same nutritional value.


With all of the advantages to switching your pet from crickets to roaches, why wait? Not sure what size or if your pet will like roaches? Try our FREE SAMPLE. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!