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Dubia Roaches

We are your source for Dubia roaches, supplies and more. We have a variety of different sizes to choose from. All of our Dubia roaches are fed a nutritious diet. So what are Dubia roaches and why are they so much better than a cricket?

  • Unlike crickets there is essentially NO SMELL with Dubia roaches.
  • Dubia roaches CANNOT CLIMB so keeping them in a Rubbermaid container is ideal.
  • There is NO NOISE from a Dubia roach.
  • VERY NUTRITIOUS compared to a cricket with extra protein and a much softer shell, Dubias are much healthier for your reptile.
  • LONG LIFE span 2-3 years, unlike crickets that can only last a few weeks.
  • Keeping Dubia roaches are very EASY TO KEEP, they can be housed in a Rubbermaid or other container.

So if we have not convinced you yet regarding the benefits of Dubia roaches, please Contact Us with any other questions you might have. Say goodbye to the weekly visit to the reptile store and purchase some Dubia roaches from Buy Dubia.

Online Store

Visit our Online Store where you can purchase Extra Small – Extra Large nymphs along with male and female adult roaches. We also carry Water Crystals and Roach Chow to keep your roaches happy. We offer other quantity options along with food supplies for your dubia roaches. Please see our full store above.

How-to Information

Be sure to check out our How-To Videos for caring for your roaches, how to build an enclosure, etc. We go over in detail all aspects for the care of your Dubias along with Videos to help explain. This section is a perfect place for beginners to see how easy it really is to take care of Dubia roaches.